You’ve joined the CTP. Now what?

by Karen Chastain

So you have joined the millions of Americans that were previously busy growing their careers and families during the 80’s and 90’s, quietly taking our Constitution and the American Way of Life for granted.

You are now shocked, appalled and saddened by the results of socialist and Marxist politicians and their appointed officials; and the special interest groups and organizations that are destroying this great country on a daily basis.

You’re awake. You’re engaged. But you’re not sure what all you need to be doing…

Are you a registered voter? You know the drill!

Investigate, determine and support candidates on a local, state and national level…And I mean everyone including the lower-level positions. Now, DONATE to their campaigns. Even $5 handed out to 5 of your chosen candidates will help defray their enormous costs. It’s no coincidence that names like Rockefeller and Kennedy are associated with politics! Don’t prevent a good candidate from success because they run out of money. By the way, it’s easy to give on line, but if you send a check, you avoid the 4% transaction fee that is charged to the candidate.

Volunteer for a campaign. Even something as simple as putting out yard signs, doing data entry at their office, writing a letter to the editor or making phone calls and knocking on your neighbor’s door. And talk with your own friends and family members about who you support and why.

And of course, participate in the Tea Party. Volunteer if you can, donate what ever you can afford, place a bumper sticker on your car, buy a shirt/cap and wear it. Join a group within and help out.

Begin a conversation anytime you’re in line or at an event. Bring some Chattanooga Tea Party business cards with our contact information and mission statement on them. Follow up with folks personally. Remind friends, family and neighbors about meetings and events.

Vote with your dollars. Don’t support companies and organizations that contribute to left-wing socialist politicians or organizations. Making a contribution to an organization? Check them out at “” (a guide to the political left).

Even as a careful grocery shopper, I was shocked to discover that the Brunckhorst Family (Boar’s Head Deli Products) contributes heavily both to the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party, in the half-million-dollar-range per year!

Sargento Cheeses pulled their advertising off Glen Beck when left wing groups asked them to. Don’t buy their products. Companies like Allstate & AIG made huge contributions to Barney Frank’s campaign. 60% of all that Lockheed GA donates is to the Dems. Some other large Democrat supporters are Estee Lauder, TimeWarner, UPS. And the list goes on and on.

Call the companies and tell them their donations have affected your business with them. Tell them you will use their competitors instead. Phone calls are most effective, but a short, well-written polite e-mail works as well.

Vote with your feet! Like what Arizona’s doing? Plan a vacation there. Call the Chamber of Commerce in any of AZ’s major cities and tell them you’re supporting AZ and buying their products.

Don’t like Vermont? Don’t buy their food products. Let the Chambers of Commerce know in Vermont why you’re not buying their resident’s products. Be as savvy politically as you are consumer-wise. Know what and who are behind your decisions and dollars before you make or spend them.

And stay engaged. Dedicate just 10 minutes per day to view websites like American Thinker, Michelle Malkin,, BigGovernment, Newsbusters, etc. Religiously DVR Glenn Beck. Listen to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity. Stay in the “know” and don’t bury your head in the sand.

Call into local talk programs when you can. Write letters to the editor and call out the Chattanooga Time Free Press on its liberal spin, along with hundreds of other publications.

Join Liberty PAC, the NRA, and the Heritage Foundation.

Most importantly, associate with like-minded people. Exchange ideas and have your own think-tanks; share and brainstorm ideas.

Just don’t ever forget…You have FAR more power than you think you have. Use your head and then use your power.

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