Why We Don’t Need Government-Sponsored Healthcare

It is just another big power grab by Democrat politicians to move this country toward a socialist State.

I lived in England for 8 years and experienced the low grade, rationed, inferior health care of a government-run system called the National Health Service.

Let’s change our system by really fixing the problems: making it more efficient by broadening competition across state lines, reforming tort law, letting people keep the insurance they are satisfied with, finding a way to insure only those who are uninsured because they can’t afford even minimal coverage, shutting out illegal immigrants who don’t merit coverage, and refusing to pay for coverage by raising taxes.

A government-run program will ration care, never be able to be funded adequately, become the ‘tail that wags the dog,’ make citizens more subservient to government, and increase the power of politicians — all measures that undermine the freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution.

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