Why is Scottie Mayfield running?

by Brendan Jennings

As a longtime active member of the Chattanooga Tea Party, I think it is strange that one of the Republican candidates getting a lot of publicity (not to mention donations) for his run for the 3rd Congressonal District can’t cite two or three things he would like to do if he were elected.  You have to wonder why someone like that is bothering to run at all!

We all understand how statements can get misquoted in the rush for the deadline. But for Scottie Mayfield to state that he’ll deign to let people know what his views are on key policy issues after he’s elected is presumptuous and disrespectful of the voters he seeks to serve.

Mayfield is challenging Chuck Fleishmann, a one-term congressman who has established a voting record on the important issues that have come before the U.S. House throughout his term. He will stand or fall on his voting record, his defense of his choices and his advocacy of specific policies. He’s been visible within the district, answering questions and stating his views. And Mayfield has said he can’t think of any votes Chuck has taken with which he disagrees.

Likewise, Weston Wamp, another 3rd District candidate, has staked out detailed policy positions publicly in presentations to interested citizens as well as through his website. He has shown the desire and knowledge of the issues to engage people to discuss them in detail. Ron Bhalla and Jean Howard-Hill have also staked out public positions on key issues. Mayfield’s policy positions are outlined on his website, but like the candidate don’t get more detailed than one-sentence bullet points.

The Chattanooga Tea Party has reached out to Mr. Mayfield and his staff to solicit his views on issues and coordinate planning for a debate we are organizing before the August primary. To date, Mr. Mayfield has refused to commit to any date for debating other 3rd District candidates, which of course is his prerogative. It just seems that when our country is facing economic devastation from its $16 trillion debt habit, it will take leaders with a clear vision focused on solving problems and reforming the federal bureaucracy to turn things around. (I, for one, am still looking for one in the 3rd District.)

To this point, Mr. Mayfield’s lack of responsiveness to very basic queries and unwillingness to mix up with other candidates in debate do not bode well for a man who seeks to represent the views and interests of the people of the 3rd District. He’s lived and worked here all of his life and he has to go around the district on a “listening” tour? One is forced to wonder how serious a man he really is.

Do you agree or disagree? Add your comments below ….

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