Where are You… on Chattanooga’s Domestic Partner Ordinance?

Currently in Chattanooga, there is a “domestic partner” ordinance being debated which intends to grant city employees benefits for their same-sex and domestic partners. And, according to one city councilman, many have voiced their support for the ordinance by contacting city council members and attending city council meetings. However, few pastors, church members, and concerned citizens are speaking out against this ordinance or speaking up for our rights as Christians and Americans. Where are you?

David Fowler said it well when he stated in an article posted on his blog on October 18, 2013: “The Church is prepared for some things. It quickly has meals and clothes ready when natural disasters strike. Hospital visitation teams and prayer chains are on-call when sickness or death occurs. And an individual church can quickly open its doors to those who want to pray when catastrophes like 9-11 happens. That is all good and should be done. But what about being ready to speak to elected officials when bad public policy is proposed that would deface and mar the very meaning of the institution God established to reflect his Triune nature and the relationship of Jesus to his Church? When it comes to state or local issues, the answer is zip. Nada. Nothing.”

Martin Luther King said, “If the church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.”

I am appalled and frustrated with the churches in this city. I have spoke to many of my Christian friends about marriage and other hot topic issues, and they all agree with me. But when I ask them to put their agreeing words to action, they all tell me they are too busy, if they say anything at all.

Men of uncompromising faith and character stood their ground in 1775 against tyranny and they are the reason we have the freedoms we do today. I am offended when men who claim to be Christians do not stand up for their faith, country, or families. Today, you don’t have to stand your ground with a gun pointed at you like our founding fathers did, at least not yet. And still, you are afraid to stand your ground against the abuses that are being inflicted on our faith, country, and families.

Again, I ask, where are you?

Christine Connley Chattanooga Tea Party member

PS.  To express your opposition to this proposed ordinance in Chattanooga, please go here to sign a petition:  https://www.votervoice.net/FACTN/Petitions/267/Respond

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