What are We Going To Do at the Tea Party?

Several folks have asked about what we’re going to be doing at the Chattanooga Tax Day Tea Party. During the protest, we’ll be doing a bunch of things while keeping the main theme of bringing awareness about current Big Government ploys to enslave taxpayers for generations to come and letting the Government know that we’re not pleased with out of control spending.

Look for some of the following at the Chattanooga Tax Day Tea Party:

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

  2. Music

  3. Singing

  4. Interesting Speakers

  5. Audience Participation (this should be fun)

  6. Activities

  7. Petition Signing

  8. Information About How You Can Get Involved

Here are some things you should remember to bring:

  1. Signs (Family Friendly)

  2. Lawn chairs

  3. Blankets for the ground

  4. Sunscreen

  5. Can of non-perishable food to donate

  6. Cameras

  7. And all your family, friends and neighbors

If you need more information about the location to plan for parking, click here for a map of downtown Chattanooga.

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