We Applaud Those Rejecting “Stimulus” and “Bailout” Money

Hey everyone. In the midst of all this protest, we want to make sure that we acknowledge those who have done the right thing and rejected the “stimulus” or “bailout” money that has been stolen from American taxpayers.

In many cases, these companies and state governments have been rebuked and discredited for not contributing to the debt that our children and grandchildren will be chained to, so we want to let them know that we support their decision to reject “stimulus” and “bailout” money.


  1. Ford Motor Company has refused “Bailout” funds… need a new car, how about a Ford?

State Governments

  1. South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford has rejected about $700 Million in “Stimulus” money for his state.

  2. Texas Governor, Rick Perry has rejected about $555 Million in “Stimulus” money designated for expanding “state unemployment benefits.”

Please contact us using the “Contact” link at the top of this page with any information about banks, state governments, auto makers, etc. that have rejected this money and we’ll post them for everyone to see on this website. In turn, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR ANY ORGANIZATION THAT HAS REJECTED THIS MONEY!


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