Want to Repeal Obamacare? Read how to here… Urgent Follow through Requested!

CTP Members:

Do you want Congress to Repeal Obamacare? Then you’ll want to read this email and follow through today with Congressman Wamp or if you live in another state then contact your particular Congressman. Here’s the deal:

Congressman Steve King has a discharge petition against OBAMACARE that the Republican Party and any truly conservative Democrat should be moving aggressively to support. MARSHA BLACKBURN is the ONLY Tennessee Rep. signed on so far! This is a fight we can wage right now and we should be in the thick of it.

Here are the specifics on the discharge petition: http://www.redstate.com/erick/2010/06/28/202-225-2815/#comments

And here are those who have signed on so far: http://clerk.house.gov/111/lrc/pd/Petitions/Dis11.htm

I just called Zach Wamp’s office and would encourage you to also call Congressman Wamp today and request that he sign on to this. His number is 756-2342 in Chattanooga or (202) 225-3271 in DC. If you need the number for a GA or AL representative you can go here: http://chattanoogateaparty.com/page.php?id=local%20representatives

Thanks in advance for your support of this important measure.

Also, unbelievably, Congressman Eric Cantor has NOT signed on to the petition of the writing of this email. Please call him at 202-225-2815 and request that he do so as well.

Thank you.

Promoting Liberty & Restoring Values…

Mark West

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