Vounteers Needed for Recall Ron Initiative — URGENT!

Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots,

Jim Folkner, Jolee Parry and Charlie Wysong are working diligently to recall Mayor Ron Littlefield. (See link below).

They are really in a crunch right now for folks to help acquire signatures. Could you please donate an hour or so for the effort?

If there’s something or someone else that might be able to help, please forward their name and contact information.

Please folks, this effort has a time limit and everyone is working very hard. Please step up and help! Will you commit to getting just 10 signatures yourself? If so, please call:

Jolee Parry 423-305-5448 asap.


Kindest regards and thanks,

Karen Chastain Marketing Chair Chattanooga Tea Party

PS. You can go here to get the latest and download the Petition: http://recallron.com/

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