Voice your Opposition to Mayor Littlefield’s 33% Tax Increase Proposal

Join us this Tuesday as we repeat last week’s property tax hike protest. See the news coverage from last week’s protest below as well as details on the upcoming protest.

video from Channel 12 news http://wdef.com/video/local_tea_party_protests_property_tax_increase/05/2010 Taxed Enough Already

A Call to Action

Last week we protested at the City Council Meeting, and I am asking that we protest again this week. Council members will begin discussing the 2010 budget in committee meetings this Tuesday at 2pm. These meetings are open to the public, but have little opportunity for the public to speak. We will again gather at the City Council building at 1000 Lindsay Street at 5pm to protest prior to the 6pm meeting. The Council meeting usually lasts about one hour and a few of us will be given 3 minutes to address the council at the end of the meeting. Last week Councilman Manny Rico allowed 5 people to speak on the issue. Hopefully we will have the same 15 minutes this week.

Also at this week’s protest Jim Folkner will be present with Mayoral Recall petitions. All those that live in Chattanooga will be encouraged to sign the petition. Jim will also be recruiting volunteers to assist him with collecting signatures. His petition is based on the following :

“Count 1: The Mayor has requested large and unnecessary storm water fees and permit increases to cover four years of negligence in handling these permits.

“Count 2: The Mayor ignored civic groups, the police, and judges and declared a gang problem which threatens our city to be non-existent. At the same time, the Mayor has tried to dump the city police department onto the county.

“Count 3: The Mayor has annexed thousands of people, without their vote, billing the city taxpayers to provide them services they do not want or need. Further, the Mayor is attempted to raise our taxes 33 percent to pay for these services and his other plans.”

Read the full article at http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_176758.asp

Personally I believe the Mayor should be recalled simply because he can’t be trusted. During the annexation fight during the fall, the Mayor was asked if we had sufficient police and fire personnel to covered the proposed annexed areas, and his answer was an absolute yes. Now, he wants to raise taxes to expand our police and fire departments because we have insufficient personnel. He has lied to the public and to me personally .

Chattanooga’s Mayor Ron Littlefield has presented the City Council with a proposed budget that raises property taxes 33%. In these difficult economic times and following a new storm water run off tax and a recent property assessment which has raised many people’s property tax, the Mayor proposed to raise the property tax rate by $0.64 per $100 assessed. This is a 33% rate increase. While many of us are adjusting our own budgets to account for a reduced income, the Mayor wants to increase the City’s income by taking some of our income. We cannot afford any government expansion.

I would like to ask all those who can attend to make it to next Tuesday’s 6pm City Council meeting. Please bring signs and wear Tea Party related shirts. Signs should all be family appropriate. I suggest signs like:

Taxed Enough Already! No New Taxes! Born Free. Taxed to Death.

Parking will be tight so please arrive early. We will gather in front of the City Council building as early as 5pm and enter the meeting at 6pm. The meeting usually last about an hour, and at the end of the meeting the floor will be opened to persons wishing to address the council. This will be our opportunity to speak. Some people will have about 3 minutes to address the City Council with their concerns. Please keep your statements related to the recent and the proposed tax increases. If you cannot arrive before 6pm, you can still participate. Just come inside the council room quietly and have a seat. Please be respectful during the meeting. You may hold signs, but we will not be able to address the Council until the end of the meeting.

The media always attends these meetings and usually has nothing exciting to report, Our presence should change this and we should receive some decent media coverage. If the media speaks to you about this protest event please collect your thoughts before voicing your opinion about the proposed tax increase. Our message should be that we want NO more tax increases. Any property tax or any other tax increase is not acceptable. 33% is crazy, but no increase is acceptable. Also please mention that you heard about this protest from the Chattanooga Tea Party.

City Council meetings are held on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. Meetings are held in the Assembly Room, located in the City Council Building at 1000 Lindsay St., and are open to the public. http://www.chattanooga.gov/City_Council/110_AgendasMinutesbyDate.htm

More info can be found on Chattanoogan.com at the links below:

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All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. -Edmund Burke

If you think we are free today, you know nothing about tyranny and even less about freedom. – Tom Braun

Eric Smith Chattanooga Tea Party

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