URGENT Message from one of your Members!!

Dear Tea Party members,

What was your reason for joining the Chattanooga Tea Party? To learn? To get involved? To be part of a movement towards liberty? To make a difference in Chattanooga and America? Personally, I chose all of the above.

Like it or not, the CTP is watched carefully in what it does and what it accomplishes. We have taken on the task of getting enough signatures to recall the Mayor of Chattanooga. If we fail in this mission, the Tea Party as a whole and all its members will be viewed by some as failures.

Very few members have taken it upon themselves to help gather the signatures. It’s not that much fun, especially in the heat. But changing America back to the America we see as the shining city on the hill will not be easy and will take all of our efforts to be successful.

Mark West has sent numerous emails to the group for help – very few have responded. When we present the proper amount of signatures to the commission and get the recall approved – that will give the Chattanooga Tea Party the voice it needs to wield true influence in matters affecting Chattanooga and Hamilton County.

So do this TODAY to find out several simple ways you can help:

  1. Clip reply to this message or Contact Mark West at mark@chattanoogateaparty.com to volunteer.

  2. Call Charlie Wysong at 314-0183,

  3. Visit our website here: http://chattanoogateaparty.com/RecallRon/ to download the petition and read up on the effort.

Thank you.

Gregg Juster Proud member of the CTP

PS. We have a goal of 8,000 signatures by this Saturday night and as of last night we have 7,969 signatures. However, we still need to get to 16,000 signatures by August 30 — 18 days!

The Tea Party’s plan is simple: Would you call 5 of your friends who live in Chattanooga and ask them to get 10 people to sign the petition in the next 2 days? This will only take 15 minutes of your time and can be the critical component to Recall the Mayor.

Please let us know if you will help.

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