URGENT: Call or Email Key Senators Today


Below is a very important message from one of our fellow tea party groups here in TN. I would encourage you to email each Senator’s Chief of Staff as referenced below. Although you may not be a constituent, this matter affects ALL Americans. Below is the email I sent each one of them:


I urgently request that you vote NO on the Healthcare Vote this weekend! Your constituents are monitoring closely how you cast this vote, which will most certainly determine your future career in the Senate. Please do NOT let us down on this critical vote.

Will you please join me in contacting each of them? (Feel free to copy and paste the message above or draft your own.) This vote is perhaps one of the most critical votes out nation has faced in many decades. Please let them hear your voice. Thank you.

Promoting Liberty & Restoring Values…

Mark West

Ooltewah, TN 37363

(423) 240-8288 (c)

—- From tnteaparty.org —–

Greetings Fellow Patriots,

Erick Erickson of Red State.com wrote the following this morning regarding the health care bill in the Senate this weekend.

There is a study out today that is damaging to the Democrats efforts to pass health care in the Senate.

On Saturday, when constituents cannot contact their Senators’ offices because they’ll be closed, the United States Senate will vote on a cloture motion to debate the health care legislation.

This is important — a vote in favor of cloture on the motion to proceed (a parliamentary issue) is, in effect, a vote for the health care legislation. Why? Because Harry Reid has enough votes to pass the health care legislation by a simple majority, but he does not have the 60 votes necessary to proceed to debate, any Senator voting for cloture is voting for the health care plan.

Roll Call reports that according to the Congressional Research Service, “[a] study of Senate voting patterns shows the chamber has approved more than 97 percent of all bills subject to a cloture motion to begin debate — a finding that could undercut Democratic efforts to paint a key health care vote on Saturday as procedural.”

In fact, “since 1999 the Senate has approved 97.6 percent of all bills when lawmakers first voted to begin debate.”

Some Senators, like Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, want the health care legislation to pass, but know politically she would lose if she voted for it. So unless pressure is brought to bear on her and others, she may vote “yes” on cloture for the motion to proceed and then try to hide behind a no vote later.

We cannot let that happen.

Email the following Chiefs of Staffs (of KEY Senators) and tell them you want a NO VOTE Saturday! I have done so and URGE you to please do the same.






For Liberty,

Stacie Burke


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