Transportation to Nashville Rally – March 5

The Chattanooga Tea Party is joining with dozens of other Tea Party groups from across Tennessee on Saturday, March 5th in Nashville to counter-protest the TN Teachers Education Association March on the capitol. Here is our original email about their event that was sent last week: February 23 email

If you are interested in joining the Chattanooga Tea Party and other Tea Party organizations from across Tennessee at the Rally we have limited seats available in vans and/or may be able to arrange for carpooling. You may contact Gregg Juster at

You can sign up to attend the rally at: Facebook TEA vs Tea Party

Here is the map layout of the March 5th Rally area: click here

Keep in mind that the goal of our Rally is not one of confrontation but rather to communicate our message of lower taxes, smaller government and fiscal responsibility.

I trust that many of you will support this event. Also, please share this info with your friends and encourage them to attend as well. Thank you.

Promoting Liberty & Restoring Values,

Mark West President

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