Too Important to Ignore

Over the past few months, the American public has spoken up in an unprecedented way in defiance to the federal government’s unconstitutional increase in scope, cost, and influence. They have ignored the limitations of their contract, the United States Constitution, and have made it clear that they are not concerned with the voice of the People, who give them their authority in the first place.

We invite you to stand with us on Thursday, September 10, 2009 as we send over 50 local residents to march on Washington with thousands of like-minded patriots and speak out against the oppressive government which has ignored the voice of the People for far too long.

This event is more than just a sendoff of our “Freedom Riders,” it’s an opportunity to stand with those who are willing to fight for our American liberties. We hope to see you there!

Event Time: 7.45PM

Supporters are encouraged to come at 7:45 PM to sign the banner with their thoughts and wishes to be carried to Washington by our local Chattanooga freedom riders.

Rally program 8:00PM -8:45 PM, bus loading 8:45 M -9:00PM, final departure 9:00PM.

Location: Country Place Restaurant

Parking lot located on Shallowford Road one block from the Gunbarrel and Shallowford intersection. Bring lawn chairs, signs and flags.

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