Thoughts on the Coronavirus Panic

I hope the past few weeks of national, state and local emergency actions have provided people with some time to think about our current predicament and how we got here. I’m no particular sage, but I wanted to share a few thoughts, if only to stimulate comments and further thinking from our members. After all, ours is not a monolithic group.

First, I’ve been blessed with good health throughout my life, which makes me more fortunate compared to those less blessed. Whether it was mostly due to good genes or taking care of the great gift of life

matters not. I am grateful for my current (knock on wood) good health and don’t want to take it or anyone else’s for granted. We all have family members who are vulnerable to this virus and we can’t afford to take this situation lightly for their sake and the sake of many others. This is a very contagious virus that can cause permanent respiratory damage or worse.

Having said that, it’s extremely disturbing to think just how easy it has been for governments at every level – federal, state and local – to shut down our normal lives, almost entirely through executive actions. And each legislative body just went along, with Congress passing, by individually unaccountable voice vote, more than a $2 TRILLION (I remember when billion meant a lot) so-called “stimulus” package (which will more than likely be $6 trillion after all is said and done). All in the space of a couple of weeks. And more than three million people have filed unemployment claims in just the past week, with more undoubtedly to come.

Church services have mostly been cancelled, except for online services, in the midst of Lent with Holy Week and Easter soon upon us. Baptisms, weddings, Masses, confirmations, confessions, ordinations, last rites – all have hit the “pause” button, for the most part. A Christian pastor was arrested in Florida for allowing more than 10 people to gather at one place. New York major DeBlasio has threatened to close churches permanently if their leaders allow for services. And there’s little to no pushback.

Is this public health crisis REALLY the greatest public health crisis in your lifetime? The way we’re responding to it most certainly is. I’m 64 years old, so I was fortunate to be born soon after a polio vaccine was discovered. My siblings and I got vaccinated against several formerly dread diseases and still had to cope with measles, mumps and chicken pox. My wife’s and my parents certainly lived through worse. My paternal grandmother succumbed to the Spanish Influenza in 1919 along with millions of others. In recent years, our nation has faced SARS, swine flu, H1N1, MERS and other maladies without any of them generating this type of government-ordered economic shutdown. And NONE of those just mentioned illnesses approached the impact of a particularly bad flu season in terms of hospitalizations and deaths. So what is really going on here?

It seems to me that this “crisis” has shown the apparent primacy of the secular world order, with the religion of “globalism” and a climate of media-perpetuated fear driving leaders into a groupthink mentality. Setting aside the tremendous efforts of healthcare professionals and others seeking to minimize the impact of this virus, it just seemed all too easy to stop normal life in America. Does this experience give us a taste of what a one-world government would be like?

Please share your thoughts on our social media outlets and let me know if I’ve gone off the deep end!

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