Tennessee Senate Bill 113 & House Bill 130 – Overview & Action Needed


Putting Taxpayers back in Charge of Public Education

SB113/HB130 would prohibit “any local board of education from negotiating with a professional employees’ organization or teachers’ union concerning the terms or conditions of professional service on or after the effective date of this bill.” Facts: · Only half of TN teachers are represented by a teacher’s union. · Even though Tennessee is a “right to work” state, state law gives public school teachers the right to collectively bargain with their local school board over issues such as working conditions, salaries and fringe benefits. No other public sector employees (such as firemen or police officers) have that privilege. · Labor costs in education consume 80 percent to 85 percent of a school’s total budget. Cash-strapped local school boards need to be able to make spending decisions based on what’s best for children. · THE NEA, with funds generated from partnership with TEA http://www.teateachers.org/cms/NEA+Membership+Working+for+Us/1408.html, contributes massive sums each year to progressive advocacy groups, many of which have no direct mission or link to the public education system.

NEA – Contributions 2006-2010

2006/2007 LM-2 Forms: http://neaexposed.com/documents/07NEALM2.pdf Pg. 287 ACORN $200,000 Pg. 296 Women’s Campaign Forum $15,000 “WCF endores women who support reproductive choices” Pg. 313 Amnesty International $7,500 Pg. 342 UNICEF $7,500 Pg. 462 Gay, Lesbian, and Straight $125,000

2007/2008 LM-2Forms: http://neaexposed.com/documents/08NEALM2.pdf Pg. 281 Planned Parenthood $5,000 Pg. 280 ACORN $100,000 Pg. 328 AidsWalk WA $5,000 “meeting health needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender community” Pg. 329 UNICEF $7,500 Pg. 336 Healthcare For America NOW $500,000 Pg. 450 Gay, Lesbian, and Straight $150,000

2008/2009 LM-2 Forms: http://neaexposed.com/documents/NEA2009LM2Non-duesincome.pdf Pg. 172 Planned Parenthood $8500 in 2008 Pg. 177 Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays Inc. $5,000

Contributions to other Progressive Advocacy Groups, 2006-2010: http://teachersunionexposed.org/unions.cfm AFSCME Gay & Lesbian Institute Wellstone Action America Votes Networks Nation Emerge America Campaign for America’s Future New Democratic Network Voter Activation Network Committee on the States Progress Now & Progress Ohio Move On Political Action Democracy Alliance Nat’l Corporation of Democratic Mayors Diversity Training Group Rainbow PUSH Coalition Economic Policy Institute U.S. Action


The House Bill 130 will have to get through about 5 committees. Call Your own State Representative and Senator tell them to vote YES on HB130(SB113). In addition, call these House Leaders: GOP Leader: rep.gerald.mccormick@capitol.tn.gov 615-741-2548; Chair: rep.debra.maggart@capitol.tn.gov 615-741-3893; Speaker: speaker.beth.harwell@capitol.tn.gov 615-741-0709


You should know that there are TWO RINOs in the Tennessee House are leaning towards killing HB130/SB113 this coming MONDAY in the face of a relentless TEA Union onslaught. They are only two votes, but they are on the key Education Subcommittee.

Please also know that 18 out of 22 Freshmen Legislators stand ready to vote for this and HB130 will pass the full house, IF we can get it out of the Education Subcommittee.

All GRASSROOTS ACTIVISTS need to CONTACT Rep. Ron Lollar (Memphis) and Rep. Harry Brooks (Knoxville) and tell them to release the bill for a vote. Full Contact info is below. Tell them your entire group is watching them closely and their vote will be remembered in the next election.

These two are about to kill the bill in the subcommittee and thus deny the full house the opportunity to vote on it. Right now we have the votes to pass the full house as it is written.

We need everyone to write, visit, call and email the two Reps below:

Representative Ron Lollar (R) Bartlett District 99 MEMPHIS Shelby County http://www.capitol.tn.gov/house/members/h99.html rep.ron.lollar@capitol.tn.gov

Representative Harry Brooks (R) Knoxville District 19 KNOXVILLE Knox County http://www.capitol.tn.gov/house/members/h19.html rep.harry.brooks@capitol.tn.gov www.repharrybrooks.com

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