Tax Opposition Group Asks for Help from Citizens and Experts

For Immediate Release Contact: Brandon Lewis June 29, 2010 Stop The Tax Increase PO Box 4024 Chattanooga, TN 37405 (423) 313-4624

Tax Opposition Group Asks for Help from Citizens and Experts

Chattanooga, TN – After weeks of stonewalling, the City of Chattanooga released detailed financials by departmental cost centers only days before the first reading of the budget. Many Chattanoogans have interpreted this last-minute disclosure as an attempt to keep citizens in the dark during the budgeting process.

Local tax opposition groups, which include a broad coalition of industry and political factions, are asking common citizens and budgetary experts to review the now released documents and offer suggestions on how the city might reach a balanced budget without additional tax increases.

“We have posted the detailed budget documents at . Many of our city officials lack the fiduciary will to make tough decisions during this rough economy, and we need to show them there are a variety of ways to arrive at a zero budget increase”, said Brandon Lewis

“City revenues have risen due to increased assessments, increased storm water fees, increased city fees and annexation. If the city cannot live within its means given these increases when can it ever manage the taxpayer’s money responsibly”, he concluded.


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