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We have a very important opportunity for Tea Party and Liberty groups in TN, GA and AL to consider supporting.  As you know, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) is an organization that is on the front lines of defending the Constitution in local communities across this nation.  In doing so they are taking a strong stand for the liberties to which our Founding Fathers pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor.”  Unfortunately though, this last line of defense in our nation is under vicious attack.

Recently Sheriff Nick Finch from Liberty County, Florida came under attack by powerful forces in the state of Florida, including Governor Rick Scott (a Republican).  As a result of Sheriff Finch standing for the rights enumerated in the Constitution (specifically the 2nd Amendment), he was himself arrested, jailed and relieved of his rightfully elected position as Sheriff of Liberty County. You can read about the specific incident here:

Here is another article with more specifics about the incident that led to his removal:  New American Sheriff Finch

As mentioned in the CSPOA link above, a fundraiser is being help for Sheriff Finch next Saturday, August 24.   I realize this is another plea for money but I truly believe this is a fundamental issue that sets itself apart from many others.

Gregg Juster, Vice President of the Chattanooga Tea Party has been invited to speak at the fundraiser/rally for Sheriff Finch next Saturday (details below)

The Chattanooga Tea Party is donating $500 to this effort and some of our members have also donated personally.  I would respectfully ask that you and/or your tea party or liberty group join us in donating too.  Each group that donates will have their name mentioned at the rally. Whether you can spare $10, $50, $500 or more, it would be greatly appreciated by Sheriff Finch.

You can donate at CSPOA link above or click here. When you donate please let me know that you did so that Gregg can give a shout out to your group.

Our constitutional sheriff’s are causing problems for the establishment and we need them now more than ever.  We cannot afford to let those who are abusing power and trampling the Constitution to have an easy way to neuter the constitutional sheriff’s authority.  Explore the CSPOA website and please forward it to your members so they can learn about this worthy organization:

If you would like to attend the event – here is the information:

August 24, 2013 – Panama City Beach, Florida 10am to 4pm The Palms Conference Center, 9201 Front Beach Rd.

And here is the Facebook Page to show your Support for Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch

This is one of those unique opportunities that come along from time to time in which we as individuals and liberty groups can collaborate together to endorse and support an issue that speaks to the heart of what we are all about.  I trust you will join us in this effort and also share with your circle of influence.

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