STOP Common Core Legislation: Your Urgent Help is Needed

This week is a critical week for the future of Tennessee and our children.  Our good friend Karen Bracken has been a key leader in Tennessee in fighting against Common Core and below are a few excerpts from her recent newsletter.  The entire newsletter can be found here:

If you cannot travel to Nashville any of the next three days, will you please make the suggested phone calls?


Folks this is where the rubber meets the road.  At this point the ONLY thing that will stop Common Core is YOU!  If you cannot support these efforts be sure to make phone calls to Speaker Beth Harwell, Rep. Mark White and Rep. Harry Brooks.  We need to take down their phone lines so be sure to share this information. If you cannot call during the day…….You can call at night and leave a message.  Message:  Repeal Common Core schedule HB2332 NOW.  You can call during the day:  Same message.CALL CALL CALL

Speaker Harwell – 615-741-0709

Rep. Mark White – 615-741-4415

Rep. Harry Brooks – 615-741-6879


Tuesday, March 11 – 12pm Flood the halls of the Capitol.  Attend House Education Sub Committee meeting (RM 30 @3pm CST).  Be sure they know you are there to stop Common Core.  No big signs allowed BUT you can have a sheet of paper with HB2332 REPEAL COMMON CORE written in BOLD letters to hold as you walk and sit in the hearing room.  Or because Huffman thinks the parents that don’t like CC are “faux” parents you could write “Mr. Huffman……I am NOT a #fauxparent!! Wednesday, March 12 – Rally at 1:30pm outside on Legislative Plaza.  We will have children present so make sure your signs are appropriate.  We need one unified message REPEAL COMMON CORE or I AM NOT A #FAUXPARENT (see article below) Thursday – March 13 – 9am in the House Chamber (this is the building behind Legislative Plaza) Support Rep. Rick Womick as he speaks on the House floor.  They need to see hundreds of Tennessee citizens in the gallery.

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