Seniors Affected most by Property Tax Increase

Chattanooga, TN – Senior citizens on fixed incomes are worried about the affects of the proposed property tax increase. After their storm water fees and assessments were recently increased, many seniors are wondering where they are going to get the money to meet their household budgets for food, utilities, and medical care. “I’ve had a heart transplant. We live off my small retirement and social security, so any more tax increases would affect our family greatly,” said Joe Myers who is 80 years old and lives on Germantown Road. He believes the local government is out of control. “They waste too much money and need to cut expenditures instead of raising taxes again and again. It’s crazy to think about raising taxes during these times,” Mr. Myers stated. Many seniors have planned for retirement and been responsible in their financial decision making. But, many did not anticipate the steady rise of taxes in Chattanooga. Rose Gayle Armstrong who lives in Midfield Acres and is 74 said, “It seems like every year we’ve had a small increase. We thought if we bought a house and got it in the clear we’d be ok.” Rose Gayle’s words echoed the sentiments of many people in the Chattanooga area that have recently decided to speak out. “I’ve never gotten involved in anything, but when it’s taking the food off your table that’s when you say this has to stop. Any tax increase is too much,” she concluded. Seniors aren’t the only group up in arms over the city’s seeming affinity for tax increases and aversion to cutting costs. Small business owners, trade associations, and every political party in the area have come out against any tax increase, large or small. “Recently Mayor Littlefield said that council members who were looking for a zero percent budget increase were ‘lost in the woods’. The majority of Chattanoogans feel that he is ‘lost in the twilight zone’, and I think the recent recall effort shows that clearly,” said Brandon Lewis of . He continued, “People don’t start recall efforts as some sort of hobby. They require a lot of work and should send a strong message to all elected officials that the citizens are opposed to any tax increase whatsoever. I would encourage citizens to call their city council members weekly in hopes that they would stand with the electorate even if the mayor is acting contrary their wishes.”

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