RINO ALERT, Georgia Runoff & Transitions

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

RINO ALERT for the Tennessee House

Back in mid-November, Republican members of the Tennessee House drafted and passed a resolution supporting President Trump in his efforts to ensure the November election would be affirmed as the people actually chose. Here is the content of that letter:

“To all Tennesseans,

The Tennessee House Republican Caucus unequivocally and staunchly stands with President of the United States Donald J. Trump in demanding that all legal ballots, and only legal ballots, be counted in the 2020 presidential election.

Voting is one of the most fundamental pieces of our American republic. One person equals one vote in a system that grants justice and equality for all in deciding our government. In an election where there are alleged examples of voter fraud and malpractice, Tennessee Republicans stand with the rule of law.

We shall not accept the idea that the national media or the political elite have the official say on the winner of any election, let alone the presidency. It is up to the official systems put in place by the constitution and by the people. When there are alleged software glitches, lost or destroyed ballots, and questionable practices implemented in some areas of the country, litigation must have a day in court to decide the outcome of this election process.

We uphold the idea of protecting the rights of all Americans, liberal or conservative, to have their voices heard. After all legal ballots are counted and any illegal ballots are removed, we support confirming the victor. A peaceful transition to the next term, whether it be the incumbent or the challenger, is paramount to our system of government.

We stand with all Tennesseans in defending the integrity of elections. We are asking for the election process to have the ability to finish before prematurely declaring a winner.

It matters who governs,”

… and that resolution was signed by all but seven Republicans.

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Now, read through that letter again and please point out one phrase or assertion that you disagree with. If we can’t stand together for the ideas expressed in this resolution, we are doomed. Well then, please explain how these seven House members could refuse to sign this resolution. Their contact information is provided beneath their photos. Please contact them and ask why they declined to sign to show their support of the president. In two years, each should have a true Republican candidate to challenge them in the Republican primaries.

Chattanooga Tea Party Supporting Georgia GOP Senate Candidates

Despite the questionable processes and vendors involved in Georgia’s general election initial results and recounts, and the fact that the state seems to be doing little to remedy what at least half of the Georgia electorate perceive to be an election riddled with fraud, it’s important for both Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue to win their January 5 elections if only to ensure that our court system can hold out against further encroachment from the Left. Besides, it’s important for President Trump to maintain a senate majority so he can continue to nominate conservative judicial and political nominees and have them confirmed in his second four-year term. Or at least to keep Joe Biden from confirming his radical left selections.

The Chattanooga Tea Party is supporting senators Loeffler and Perdue by helping to educate North Georgians on their accomplishments in office and the questionable records and rhetoric of their radical leftist opponents, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. As the campaign continues into early voting on December 14, we will have more information on our social media sites (Facebook, Parler, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) about the pros and cons of each candidate.

Chattanooga Tea Party in Transition

As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, I will step down as president at the end of this month. At the same time, the tea party will transition to a more activist organization – with a new name – officially by the end of January. The new organization will actually be a start up in all respects, and we will provide more information in January when those details have been fleshed out.

In the meantime, thank you for your support. I wish you all the best. And have a wonderfully

Merry Christmas and a Happy – and healthy – New Year!

Brendan Jennings

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