Representative Tom Price Stands Up Against Socialized Healthcare

This video was posted on July 16, 2009. It shows Representative Tom Price (R-GA), a former physician, calling out committee members for not being willing to consider any Conservative solutions to the Socialized Healthcare proposal that is being unilaterally forced upon the American people by an overbearing Federal Government.

As you watch this, keep in mind that, according to the American Spectator, “over the past three months, as Obama consistently pounded on the drum for health care legislation, his net approval on the issue has shrunken dramatically.”

Yes, we are being marginalized. Yes, we are being dismissed as “radical extremists” in many cases. Yes, we are being called “astroturf” because the mainstream media refuses to recognize that we, as citizens of the United States of America, have the responsibility to hold the government accountable.

Remember this: We are NOT marginal. Surveys say that we are now in the majority if we disagree with the President’s proposed socialized healthcare plan. We are NOT “radical extremists.” The President’s proposal is both “radical” and “extreme” and we’re standing against it. We are NOT astroturf. The Chattanooga Tea Party (and the vast majority of other Tea Party organizations across the nation) exists solely because of volunteers who believe strongly in the Constitutional rights that all Americans have and are willing to put the time and effort into making known the injustices enacted against those rights by our Federal Government.


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