Protests Planned in Nashville

Chattanooga Tea Party member:

Are you infuriated over the continued arrogance of our elected officials by their willful defiance of “We the People”? Do you feel it’s time once again to communicate to them that if our voices continue to fall on deaf ears they will soon be expelled from their cozy positions? Then join 1000’s of other fellow Tennesseans in Nashville this Saturday, or next Tuesday or Wednesday. Here are the details from the Tennessee Tea Party in Franklin, TN:

SATURDAY (3/20):

Protest Government Healthcare Takeover!!! Bring your signs and patriot friends. Let’s show Cooper, Gordon, Davis, Tanner and the rest in D.C. how we feel about this government takeover. There will also be a petition to sign to help get the Health Care Freedom Act passed in the State of Tennessee.

Tennessee State Capitol – NOON 600 Charlotte Ave. Nashville, TN 37243

TUESDAY (3/23):

Encampment at the Capitol beginning at 10:00am on Tuesday 3/23 and remain there until the State Legislature votes on the Tennessee Health Care Freedom Act. The Health Care Freedom Bill was passed by the State Senate over one month ago. This bill asserts our state sovereignty from participating in the Federal Healthcare Bill. Currently it is languishing in the Industrial Sub Committee. In light of what is occurring in D.C., we must get this bill passed. Time is of the essence! Several states, thirty-four, have already passed a similar bill. WHY NOT TENNESSEE?

They will also vote on other crucial bills that are important in drawing the line of defense against the unconstitutional encroachment of the citizens of Tennessee, and we will see these bills through as well.

While we are calling for peaceful civil disobedience, we will be heard and we will demand action on these bills. We will work in shifts and at all times remain civil yet firm. If you can join us throughout this process please do so even if only for a short period. We will have petition scrolls available at both the Saturday protest and the 24 hour rally on Tuesday and Wednesday for you to show your support for the Healthcare Freedom Act.


We need to fill the committee rooms with as many people as possible! Be at the Capitol early. The committee is to vote at 10:00am!

I hope that many of you can attend one of these events. I would also encourage you to forward this email to all of your friends, family and co-workers since the power of any grassroots organization is in its numbers.

Promoting Liberty and Restoring Values…

Mark West

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