PATRIOTS! Time to Fight! Stop Standing on the Sidelines!


CALL YOUR LEGISLATIVE officials TODAY! You are needed to STOP THE STEAL. We need you, your friends, and family, your members to PUSH our Elected Republicans in the House and Senate to DENY the FRAUDULENT Electoral College Votes to Biden and STOP this egregious injustice done to American Citizens in the 2020 Election. We MUST take back the election from the Millions of FAKE votes cast for Biden by the Democrat machine. It’s TIME to push the RINOs and Never-Trumpers to stand up for Americans. The Tea Parties across the country are uniting and ramping up to be more engaged in local primaries to remove these BAD ACTORS in the GOP! Please CONTACT the House and Senate Republicans and let them known they MUST BACK TRUMP and challenge to the 2020 Election! If we fail today, NOBODY will stop DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS tomorrow! Thank You, Chattanooga Tea Party Tea Party Coalition of America

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