“One Nation Under God” welcomes WallBuilders’ David Barton

With less than a month to go before our “One Nation Under God” event, one of the newest controversies stirring up the media is called “Christian nationalism.” What a perfect time to have David Barton of WallBuilders come to town and remind us that America’s founding was largely – not exclusively, mind you – built on Judeo-Christian precepts.

Let’s not forget that many of the earliest settlers in the former English colonies came to escape religious persecution in Europe. This certainly influenced much of the early development of the colonies and, eventually, the original 13 states of the union. WallBuilders has more on that here.

Now I’m not sure how the historic or current involvement of religious believers in the civic arena threatens today’s extremely secular culture and our local, state and federal governments, but Christians of every color who believe in their faith and their nation certainly have as much right to be heard as any other segment of our population.

So we invite the public to join us for “One Nation Under God” on Friday, September 6, from 6-9 p.m. at Stuart Heights Baptist Church’s Hixson Campus, 1505 Cloverdale Drive, Hixson, TN.


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