Last Tuesday President Obama and his entourage jetted in to Chattanooga for a two hour visit to the Amazon Fulfillment Center.   (By the way, travel costs for Air Force One alone ran nearly a half million dollars for Obama’s stump speech to promote more of his old failing policies.)

Members of the Chattanooga Tea Party were joined by tea party supporters from around Tennessee and Georgia in our Rally to Protest Obama’s Policies.

Despite the last minute change in the location of the Rally, ultimately the shift was a Providential occurrence, giving us a front row seat for the arrival and departure of Air Force One.  Additionally, President Obama’s motorcade left the airport directly in front of our Rally and those attending came within a few feet of the Presidential limo as “O” whizzed by.

We had some great speakers and a very enthusiastic crowd with a lot of powerful signs.  You can click here to see the photos:


Also, our good friends Mike and Pat Mallard from Tin Ship Productions were there to capture the Rally on video.  You can view it here:

Rally to Protest President Obama’s Policies

Here’s a video of the motorcade as President Obama passed within just a few feet of the Protest Rally:  Presidential Motorcade Video

Finally, here’s a video of Air Force One departing (the best part of the day for some):  Air Force One Video

For those of you who participated in the Rally, thanks for coming out and exercising your unalienable rights enumerated in the First Amendment.  And for those who missed it, I hope you enjoy this electronic recap of it.

By the way, please be sure to join us for our next monthly meeting August 15 (which is always the 3rd Thursday of the month).  Congressman Chuck Fleischmann will be our guest speaker.

Liberty once lost is lost forever!

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