Meet Joe the Plumber & Kevin Jackson — Ebony & Ivory Tour

Joe Wurzelbacher (aka Joe the Plumber) and Kevin Jackson are coming to Chattanooga this Tuesday, May 10th and will be spending the entire day in our community. As part of their Ebony & Ivory Two Nekkid Heads Tour, Joe and Kevin are traveling across the US to attract youth and diversity to the Conservative Movement, and bridge the gap that exists in what these demographics think about Conservatives. They will be discussing issues of race and culture and the many other things that concern all Americans, proving yet again that Americans are much more alike than they are different.

Many will remember that “Joe the Plumber” gained national fame in 2008 when he asked then Senator Barrack Obama a simple question about taxes on small businesses. Then Senator Obama’s impromptu response about “spreading the wealth” became an instant point of controversy and national discussion during the balance of the 2008 Presidential Campaign. You can see the exchange between Joe and Obama here:

Below is the current itinerary for Kevin and Joe while they are in Chattanooga on Tuesday, May 10th:

08:00am — Breakfast at Bluegrass Grill (where President Bush ate when he visited Chattanooga) (Blue Grass Grill Map click here) 09:30 – 10:30am — Guests on Radio Talk Show 11:30am — Lunch at Market St. Tavern (Market St. Tavern Map click here) 12:30pm — Mingling with public outside Restaurant at Miller Park 01:00 – 2:00pm — Guests on Radio Talk Show 02:30pm — Shooters Depot; come test your skills against Kevin & Joe; who’s the better marksman? (Shooters Depot Map click here) 05:00pm — Townhall at “The Church on Main Street”: Come hear Kevin & Joe in person, ask them questions and get to know them up close and personal. (1601 Rossville Ave. Map click here)

We are honored to be hosting these two men as they take their message across America and we hope that you will join us at one or more of the locations above to show your support for their message. Additionally, I would encourage you to bring your friends, family members and co-workers to meet Joe & Kevin at the Townhall Tuesday between 5 – 7pm. Not only will this be informative but it promises to be fun and entertaining as well.

Thank you.

Liberty, once lost, is lost forever!

Mark West, President Chattanooga Tea Party

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