Let’s keep up the Pressure against Littlefield’s 33% tax increase!!

Chattanooga Tea Party members:

Thanks to all of you who showed up at the Chattanooga City Council meeting this Tuesday evening to show and voice your opposition to Mayor Littlefield’s proposed 33% tax increase.

During these times when it’s hard to look your opposition in the eyes because they are sheltered off in Washington DC, this clash with Mayor Littlefield is in our backyard! SO DON’T SIT THIS ONE OUT!

During these difficult economic times when you and I are directly impacted at home, is it too much to ask our city government to rein in its own house? I say NOT and ask that you join the Chattanooga Tea Party in saying NO MORE! We can prevail if we will all do our part. WILL YOU?

Remember Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear the government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty!” So are you ready to instill some healthy FEAR in the Chattanooga government? COME ON, JOIN US!

Finally, continue to check back at our website: http://chattanoogateaparty.com/ and at the website that Brandon Lewis has set up to track the latest happenings on this: http://www.stopthetaxincrease.com/.


Promoting Liberty and Restoring Values…

Mark West

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