January 2019 Update

Friends: As we enter into 2019, I wanted to briefly update you on plans our leadership team is developing for 2019 and beyond. First, I can’t thank Mark West enough for his pitch-perfect leadership from the day the Chattanooga Tea Party launched in early 2009 through 2018. Mark set a fine standard for clarity of purpose and moral guidance that challenges us to continue in that same tradition. He has worked closely with us through this transition and I thank him for his guidance, forbearance and friendship.

Our team is not planning to continue monthly Thursday evening meetings at the Home Builders Association building, but instead looking at having three or four events throughout the course of the year that will feature speakers and activities to more fully engage our members. Please keep watching this page for updates. We will also update information on our Facebook pages and link to them from this website.

While I can yet provide no further specifics, there is plenty of activity percolating in Chattanooga conservative circles that we’re excited about. This year is a year of change and opportunity, so we welcome your full participation as informed citizens and look forward to engaging with you in more detail in the upcoming weeks. So please stay tuned!

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