It’s All About Power and Control

Oftentimes people would like to come up with creative ideas and new and improved solutions to solve age-old problems. The age-old problem we are facing today though is not Nationalized Health Care. Rather, it is POWER and CONTROL. As long as man has existed, man has attempted to rule the lives of others. Man has desired to control others. Man has desired to dictate to his fellow citizens. We seem to understand this concept when we look across the ocean and around the world and study other nations. But we have failed to realize that the STORM of “Power and Control” has been brewing for some time in the United States of America.

It did not just start with the recent Administration. It started many decades ago. It started as a “drip, drip, drip.” You know the old leaky faucet syndrome. I’ve got one at home right now. What’s a little drip of water? At home we will often tolerate it for a while.

But in our nation, the drip is a little regulation here and little loss of control there. A little increase in taxes here and a little deficit spending there. And it all seems to be ok. It’s no big deal. And soon we become numb to the drips. Then one day we wake up and the drip is no longer a drip – rather in this instance, in Washington, it’s a tsunami.

In our nation’s capitol there’s the misguided talk of a new “mandate” in town. And there are people who believe they can make better decisions about our lives than we are able to. Can you imagine turning your live, your personal health, your family’s health over to some bureaucrat? Is this something you want? Is this something you will tolerate?

Have you ever struggled with a life and death issue with a family member? Have you ever dealt with even deciding about a difficult medical procedure? My wife and I have. Now consider, as difficult as that decision was for you, most of our elected officials in Washington believe that they and their appointed Czars and bureaucrats can make a better decision about these intimate and life altering decisions than you can. Is this something you can accept? Is this something you will tolerate? Is this something for which you are willing to stand up, speak out, and take action?

This is not going to be an easy battle. But it is a battle that CAN BE WON! I was on a conference call yesterday and Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina was on the call. He indicated that the Nationalized Health Care debate is “D-Day in America.”

I have a friend who I have been meeting with every week for the last several years and he was intimately involved in the D-Day invasion and he has shared some incredible stories about it. One thing I have learned from Gene’s experience is that D-Day would not have been won without Sacrifice.

That word is not something that many Americans today know much about – particularly when compared with the sacrifices that were made by our D-Day Veterans. Now we won’t have to loose our life DIRECTLY for this battle. But if we loose this battle, INDIRECTLY it could mean lives will be lost if you or your loved one have a particular illness and some bureaucrat determines that your life is not financially worth saving.

So are you willing to Sacrifice today, tomorrow, next week and next month as we fight this battle as well as other battles as they are certain to come our way? If so, will you “Sacrifice” or I would prefer to say “INVEST” even 10 minutes a day? Become a “10 Minute Citizen” and INVEST 10 minutes each day educating yourself, informing your family and friends, contacting your elected officials and not letting your guard down. This battle will not be won with a small burst of effort – although we will need that over the next few weeks to defeat Nationalized Health Care. This battle will require patriotic Americans who love their nation to the point that they say “Enough is Enough”!

The beauty of America is that we have a Constitution that was constructed to protect us from the age-old problem of POWER AND CONTROL which I mentioned a few minutes ago. But the Constitution is like an instruction manual. If you and I follow the instructions, it works. But if you and I bury it in a drawer, forget it, or allow others to ignore it – especially our elected officials, the Constitution becomes worthless and will not protect you and me from the age-old problem; you know, the problem of POWER AND CONTROL. So, we must pull the Constitution out, we must read it, we must remind our Elected Officials of it, and ultimately it must be followed. For only when it is followed are we protected from THEM – you know those guys and gals in Washington. So, either they follow it or “WE REPLACE THEM!”

So it’s that simple – not that easy, but that simple. THEY FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION OR WE REPLACE THEM. Did you get that? THEY FOLLOW OR WE REPLACE.

Let me remind you of a quote from Thomas Jefferson: “When the People fear the Government there is Tyranny; when the Government fears the People, there is Liberty!”

Which do you want? Liberty or Tyranny? The choice is yours. Now, follow me closely. Tyranny results from you and me doing nothing. On the other hand, Liberty is a treasure requiring Sacrifice by you and me.

So to summarize, doing nothing will result in Tyranny, which will in turn lead to the greatest sacrifice – your liberty. But if you and I will Sacrifice now, it will result in our retaining the greatest treasure – our liberty. It’s kind of like the oil filter commercial from a number of years ago, which said something like: “You can pay me now or you can pay me later. Either way you are going to pay! But the later payment is much more costly!”

So the choice is ours – Liberty or Tyranny! Do nothing – expect Tyranny. Do the right thing – restore Liberty! Let’s band together, rally others, and take back our nation – starting with defeating Nationalized Health Care! Will you join me?

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