Is This Politics as Usual?

by Christine Connley

Many have said that the current climate is politics as usual. The political affairs of the U.S. Government are a continuous cycle with Democrats in control for a while and then the Republicans. Therefore, there is no cause for alarm because at the end of the day, America is still the greatest country in the world and nothing will change that. However, the scary signs all point in the other direction. Never before in America’s history have a president and the Congress gone to so much trouble to destroy the principles and foundations that have made this country so great.

The recent budget debate revealed that the establishment in Washington is still fighting as if this is politics as usual. The same arguments reverberated from both parties. The Democrats want big government, increased spending, and to raise taxes.  The Republicans want small government, to cut spending, and limit the debt. In the end, both parties sold the American public on a compromise that did not solve anything. Neither party understands, or really, refuses to face the crisis at hand. America is still on the verge of bankruptcy, which will lead to its ultimate destruction.

Political pundits tout that the president does not have a clue or he does not understand the issues put before him. The president does have a clue. He is intentionally setting this country up for failure and the Democrats are right there with him. The Republicans are the ones who do not have a clue. They are still trying to negotiate with these people and in reality, the only solution is to defeat them. They cannot be bargained with and they will not compromise. Conservatives, freedom lovers, and preservers of American values need to fight to defeat anyone trying to destroy this great nation.

According to the Battleground Poll, fifty-seven percent of Americans are conservative, and in a democracy, majority rules. These are times when people must face serious matters that should not be taken lightly. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy. America is at war with radical Islamic terrorists who want all who represent the West dead. Illegal immigration is out of control and a major burden on social services.  Iran poses a real and serious threat with the acquisition of nuclear weapons. The cultural war in America threatens the country’s identity and brings division that weakens a nation.  Therefore, at this critical time in the nation’s history, the conservative majority needs to decide who should be in control.

Americans have lived in comfort since the last world war and have become complacent. They live their everyday lives enjoying the freedoms and prosperity for which the greatest generation fought and died.  Now, through our complacency, liberty is threatened. The 2012 election campaign is underway and the outcome of the election may determine whether America remains a superpower or becomes a causality of inaction by its citizens.

The establishment in Washington has proven that politics as usual is not working. A country which spread freedom and democracy throughout the world is being attacked from all directions. Far left liberals hate what America stands for and do not want what is best for the country. They want to negotiate with terrorists who want to annihilate the American way of life. Anti-gun activists intend to pass bills that infringe on Second Amendment rights. The feminist crowd chooses to continue to slaughter millions of innocent babies in the name of pro-choice. Liberals want to censor all public acts of Christian faith, while accommodating Muslim acts of worship. The entitlement mentality, encouraged by big government, is spreading among the youth, limiting innovation and stifling inventiveness. High taxes slow job creation and economic growth. Muslims are trying to impose Sharia law. Out of control government spending is putting the country at the mercy of others.

The busyness of life, ignorance, and inaction can no longer be excuses to not see what is happening.  America, as we know it, is crumbling. The time is now to become informed and to act. Turn to talk radio instead of the music station while driving to work. Watch the news instead of watching sitcoms.  Become involved with others in fighting for America’s future. To quote a famous Democrat before the party was seized by far left liberals, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country” (JFK).  Get informed and fight!

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