How Taxes Pervert our Energy Choices

By Joseph Somsel

“The power to tax is the power to destroy.”- Chief Justice John Marshall

Articles like this (see link below) can be drudgery to sift through but they do enlighten.

Most policy in Washington is not motivated by what is practical and productive but driven by un-American ideologies often designed to undermine our constitutional rights, traditions and values. An example of this might be: Socialism, it’s legislation and funding, is unconstitutional as it assumes powers that are not enumerated or supported constitutionally. Principles matter.

Those that write the tax code know that full well that even the most conscientious citizens get bleary eyed, weary and lose our attention on these issues. This in a real way forces us to make our own investigations a part-time job or avocation if we care about what happens. This is impractical for busy people. However, if we don’t, our neglect will overtake us all. It is a terrible thing to have to be watching our backs with such well-earned distrust of our own elected officials.

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