High Priority: Your Taxes are going up 33% unless you act NOW.

Your property taxes are about to increase 33%! Don’t wait until tomorrow — Call and Email your city council member today and tell him or her you oppose any tax increase. You can look up your city council rep by entering your street name at http://www.chattanooga.gov/City_Council/110_council_search.asp

During these tough economic times, the people of Chattanooga are struggling to balance our budgets. Fees and taxes have increased enough already. With this proposal, average household property taxes will increase $400-700 or more per year. Business owners will be forced to layoff employees and raise prices due to this proposed tax increase.

Imagine asking for a 33% raise at work, especially in these times! Ask your council member to oppose any property tax increase and balance the budget by cutting back and only funding those necessary government functions.

Send this email to everyone you know! Spread the word! The tax hike will certainly pass unless you take action!

District 1: Deborah Scott, Phone: 425-7858 Email: scott_d@mail.chattanooga.gov

District 2: Sally Robinson, Phone: 757-5334 Email: robinson_sa@mail.chattanooga.gov

District 3: Pam Ladd, Phone: 757-5344 Email: ladd_p@mail.chattanooga.gov

District 4: Jack Benson, Phone: 757-5196 Email: benson_j@mail.chattanooga.gov

District 5: Russell Gilbert, Phone: 757-5332 Email: gilbert_r@mail.chattanooga.gov

District 6: Carol Berz, Phone: 425-7852 Email: berz_c@mail.chattanooga.gov

District 7: Manuel Rico, Phone: 425-7856 Email: rico_m@mail.chattanooga.gov

District 8: Andraé McGary, Phone: 757-5364 Email: mcgary_a@mail.chattanooga.gov

District 9: Peter Murphy, Phone: 757-5367 Email: murphy_p@mail.chattanooga.gov

Thank You.

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