Hamilton Cty Republican Convention this Saturday, Jan 29th

From the initial founding of the Chattanooga Tea Party, we have affirmed the fact that we are a non-partisan organization. From a practical standpoint this has given us the freedom to level our criticisms and protests at both Republican and Democratic leaders and parties when their policies violate the Constitution — our nation’s guiding document. However, while the CTP remains non-partisan, we have never encouraged or promoted the idea of a third party as the solution to the many challenges both parties have burdened our community, state and nation with. Third parties have been tried off and on over the years and have never succeeded in supplanting the two party system.

So, this leaves CTP members with a choice: engage or disengage!

We believe that in order to impact the two party system beyond merely protesting their actions, it is incumbent on our members to engage with the party that most closely aligns with their views and values.

To that end, this Saturday, January 29th, the Hamilton County Republican Party will be holding its County Precinct Convention at 9AM and the Delegated County Convention at 3PM at the Chattanooga Convention and Trade Center (there will be a break for lunch). The purpose of the Precinct Convention in the morning is to elect a Precinct Chairman, Vice Chairman, and other officers and to elect Delegates and Alternate Delegates for the Delegated County Convention in the afternoon.

By attending the Convention, you will have the opportunity to be elected as an Officer and/or Delegate and if elected, you will be given the privilege of selecting the future leaders of the Party. This is a very important function and enables you and, by extension, the CTP to directly affect the decisions and direction of the Hamilton County Republican Party.

The Nominating Committee of the Hamilton County Republican Party has unanimously offered the following individuals for the respective offices for the next two years:

Chairman: Marty Von Schaaf Vice Chairman: Allison Brewster Secretary: Valerie Copeland Rutledge Treasurer: Brian Cheney Finance Chairman: Matt Wiseman

While the CTP as an organization is not officially “endorsing” the above candidates, the CTP members at the bottom of this email are encouraging you to consider voting for the slate of officers above. It is our opinion that Mr. Von Schaaf and his team will be responsive to CTP membership and will be open to the concerns and solutions put forth by our members.

It has been said that “all politics are local.” If you believe this statement, and if the Republican Party is the party that is the closest to your views and values, we strongly encourage you to attend this Convention. Move from being a spectator and enter the playing field. It is only by engaging in the game that you will ever hope to influence and change the direction and decisions of a political party, your community, your state and ultimately your nation.

I trust that each of you will “invest” a few hours of your time this Saturday and join many of your CTP members at the HCRP Convention. It is by attending these types of Conventions and becoming Delegates and/or Officers, that we will go beyond merely “protests” and begin the process of restoring our nation to its foundational principles.

If you are willing to attend, please respond to mark@chattanoogateaparty.com. We have some further information for those CTP members who will be attending Saturday and how you can be a part of this historic event.

We look forward to hearing back from many of you.


Karen Chastain Larry Grohn Robert Hays Brendan Jennings Tony Kubik Nancy Patty Mark West

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