Fraud-By-Mail Democrats Latest Tactic - TN Lawsuit

Democrat front groups NAACP and Unions file lawsuits in Tennessee and other states to FRAUD the upcoming 2020 elections. There are only two reasons for this lawsuit: Option 1: CHEAT using mail-in ballots with NO validated ID or Signatures to fraud elections! Option 2: These individuals are not capable of voting in a honest election like American's have done for 230+ years. Natural selection in action! Voter ID and going to polls is the most honest. There have been over 1MM lost mail-in ballots in the last 3 general election cycles. In 2012 the Obama administration intentionally delayed military ballots of 130K after the deadline so they were not counted and Obama would have lost. Court Filings by groups working to CHEAT American VOTES!

TN_Election Case
Download PDF • 18KB
TN-Absentee lawsuit
Download PDF • 145KB

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