For Those Going to the March 5 Nashville Rally

From: Ben Cunningham Date: March 3, 2011 4:43:26 PM Subject: Mar 5 Rally Advisory

1- To everyone who comes to the Rally, THANK YOU! The Tea Party movement is our best hope for restoring constitutionally limited government and fiscal sanity to our great Republic. Ultimately, we, the citizens, must accept this responsibility.

2- The purpose of the rally is to respectfully and peacefully exercise our 1st Amendment Rights. All of the organizers ask that everyone be respectful of all participants in the area including those expressing opposing views. We ask that everyone be peaceful, respectful, and and non-confrontational and report any bad behavior to the policemen and State troopers. Always have your cellphone or video recorder handy. We ask you not to use profanity or offensive images in your signs.

3- Rain showers are possible so please bring a rain coat, umbrella or poncho.

4- Many Tea Party members are choosing to wear blue clothing or a blue ribbon.

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