Expert Says Property Tax Increase Will Hurt Economy, Costs JobsExpert Says Property Tax Increase Wil

Here’s an update from Brandon Lewis:

Chattanooga, TN – Chattanooga City Council members are still undecided about how to meet budgetary shortfalls. Commercial and residential property owners have expressed their anxieties and fears about what yet another tax increase will do to their businesses and family budgets.

According to one expert, their concerns are well founded. “During these tough economic times, the last thing Chattanoogans should have to face is a property tax increase,” said Justin Owen, director of policy & general counsel of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. “A property tax hike will result in taking much-needed resources away from businesses, inevitably causing them to reduce wages, lay off workers, or even worse, close their doors entirely.”

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan research organization that studies the impact of taxes on Tennessee citizens and business across the state of Tennessee. Studies conducted in other states have also concluded that increased taxes on business property result in fewer businesses and fewer jobs.

“The City Council has a pretty easy choice when it comes to closing the budgetary gap,” said Brandon Lewis of . “Councilors can either decide to continue to insulate the city government and workers from the effects of the recession, ignoring the inefficiencies and waste in many departments, or they can raise taxes. Raising taxes will cost many private sector jobs and perhaps place some residents out on the streets.”

Lewis went on to encourage residents and business owners to contact their local council representatives to arrange visits, attend the budgetary council meetings, and visit .

“We’ve bore the burden of increased city fees, increase valuations, increased storm water fees, and some have even experienced double jeopardy in recent annexation efforts by the council. If we don’t speak up now we will not have anyone to blame but ourselves,” Lewis concluded.

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