CTP Meeting: New Strategies to Promote Conservative Values


If you identify with the core values of the tea party movement, limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets, then our meeting this week is one you won’t want to miss.

Since the explosive growth of the Tea Party movement nationally beginning in April 2009, the Chattanooga Tea Party has become known as a leading conservative voice in both Hamilton County as well as across the state of Tennessee. Whether through local rallies, several Congressional debates, hosting Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, the recall of a Chattanooga Mayor or a host of other activities, the Chattanooga Tea Party’s influence and leadership in its community over the last six years has been impactful. 

While that influence continues, we continue to seek new strategies in which to engage and inform our members in particular and the community at large of the numerous issues that fall within the scope of our mission: to promote constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.

While we seek to continue our mission in the local community, we will be announcing a series of new initiatives and strategies to better enhance and promote our mission. While some of our past approaches may be exchanged for new and improved ones, one goal remains: to serve our membership and community in a manner that respects our fellow Chattanoogans while seeking to remain the voice for conservative values and principles. 

As a reminder we will be meeting this Thursday at 6:30pm at the usual location, the Century Club Banquet Hall, 3221 Harrison Pike (off Access Road, just south of the Highway 153-Amnicola Highway intersection, next to the former Lighting Gallery).

Please don’t forget to bring a canned food item for the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.

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