Corker Signs On To Proposed Enumerated Powers Act

Some good news on the Congressional front: Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has agreed to co-sponsor the proposed Enumerated Powers Act in the Senate. The bill, introduced by Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, simply requires Congress to cite specific Constitutional authority for any bill that they consider as the first step in the legislative process. Senator Corker joins 22 other Senate co-sponsors (all Republicans) of the bill in the Senate, with a similar measure in the House having 60 co-sponsors (again, all Republicans, including Zach Wamp).

Why don’t we all challenge Senator Lamar Alexander and Democrats in Congress to join in co-sponsoring this common sense legislation? Let them know we expect them to take seriously their oath of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” by making this practice a permanent part of the legislative process.


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