Gun Control, Federal Intrusions, Drone Surveillance, and 2nd Amendment Infringements are just a few of the threats to American citizens in recent years.  Just what do these all have in common and is there a firewall of protection that local communities and citizens can take to reinforce their Unalienable Rights as cited in the US Constitution?

This month the Chattanooga Tea Party will explore and highlight the Constitutional Sheriff – a movement that is gaining momentum across America.  With over 3,000 County Sheriffs taking an oath of office to preserve and protect the US Constitution, a strategy exists to not only resist but to also push back against efforts to infringe on the rights enumerated in the nation’s Founding Document.

The meeting to learn the “what, why and how” will take place on Thursday, March 21 at 6:30pm at The Century Club Banquet Hall, 3221 Harrison Pike (off Access Road, just south of the Highway 153-Amnicola Highway intersection, next to The Lighting Gallery).

Please RSVP at Chattanooga Tea Party’s Facebook page (link at Donations will be accepted at the event to help defray costs.

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