Comrade Obama – by Jerry Henderson

[The following was written by Jerry Henderson and published in the Chattanooga Times Free Press]

President Obama’s “Enemies of the State” list continues to grow under his direction and that of his fellow conspirators. His enemies list is comprised of any group that opposes his leftist agenda or anyone or group that he can demonize thus diverting attention from his own failed policies.

In the past few months Obama and his comrades have repeatedly maligned and slandered those citizens of the United States that have stood against them and demanded that they honor the provisions of the United States Constitution and refrain from the wasteful spending that is bankrupting our nation.

His latest attack is directed against the United States Citizens of Arizona for daring to demand that the United States Government defend our boarders as required by Article I section 8 of the U S Constitution. Even though no one in his regime has apparently read the Arizona law they have dismissed it and the Arizona citizens, labeling them as “Racists”, a term that they regularly employ against anyone that gets in their way.

“Those who think themselves injured by their rulers are sometimes, by mild and prudent answer, convinced of their error. But where complaining is a crime, hope becomes despair”. – Benjamin Franklin

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