Chattanooga Tea Party Leadership Team: “Savas Kyriakidis is our Candidate”

The Leadership Team of the Chattanooga Tea Party is expressing its unanimous support for Savas Kyriakidis to represent Tennessee’s 3rd District in the US House of Representatives. Major Kyriakidis, running as an Independent candidate for Congress, is the son of a legal Greek immigrant and co-owner of the Acropolis Restaurant at Hamilton Place. Savas has served our country in the US Army since 2000, has seen active duty in Iraq, and now serves as the Command Judge Advocate for the 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne), a National Guard Unit Headquartered in Birmingham.

Mark West, President of the Chattanooga Tea Party commented, “Last month the Independent candidates for Congress spoke at a Forum hosted by the Chattanooga Tea Party. Following the meeting, the Leadership Team for the Chattanooga Tea Party caucused and overwhelmingly agreed that Major Kyriakidis is most suited, best prepared and possesses the leadership skills, vision and principles to represent the citizens of Tennessee’s 3rd District. Savas’ commitment to his Faith, the Constitution, Conservative Values and Principles and the people of the 3rd District is without dispute. Further, in a time when both parties have failed the American people, we believe that Savas’ Independent voice will enable him to champion the needs of the 3rd District. Equally important, Savas has committed to filter all of his votes through the following four questions: 1) Is it the right thing to do? 2) Is it Constitutional? 3) Is it Necessary? and 4) Is it Affordable?”

Karen Chastain, Marketing Chair for the Chattanooga Tea Party added, “I am honored to not only personally support Savas for Congress but am pleased that the Leadership Team of the Chattanooga Tea Party has rallied around Major Kyriakidis. Savas’ real world experience as a small business man along with the leadership strengths that he honed in the US Army will serve him well in Washington and the people of the 3rd District will be the ultimate beneficiaries.”

Concerning the fact that there are already two other party candidates in the race, Mr. Larry Grohn, a leader in the Chattanooga Tea Party stated, “Granted there is a Republican and Democrat nominee whose names will appear on the ballot this November. But considering that both parties are responsible for the $100 Trillion of unfunded liabilities, that they have both participated in trillion dollar deficits over the last eight years, and keeping in mind that there is strong suspicion as to the willingness of either party to make the tough decisions, we are thankful that Major Savas Kyriakidis has answered the call and offered himself as a viable candidate. While Savas’ own personal voting record has consistently been one of selecting the most conservative candidates on the ballot, beginning with Ronald Reagan in 1984, we believe that his views, values and principles are ones that coincide with the citizens of our District. As such, we would encourage every voter to visit to find out more about Major Savas Kyriakidis.”

The Chattanooga Tea Party is a grassroots initiated non-partisan outcry against the deliberate, irresponsible and unconstitutional policies fueling the growth of our Federal Government’s size and power. The public is invited to attend the organization’s monthly meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month. More information can be found at or via email at

Mark West, President Chattanooga Tea Party

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