Candidates’ Answers to 3rd District Congressional LiberTea Debate Questions

Chattanooga Tea Party Members:

We are pleased to be able to post the 3rd District Candidates’ answers to the 38 questions that were asked at and/or prepared for the Congressional LiberTea Debate sponsored by the Chattanooga Tea Party last month.

You can find all of the questions and the Candidates answers here:

We trust that the Candidates’ written answers to these questions will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the positions of each Candidate.

Keep in mind that most, if not all, of the Candidates will be attending the Chattanooga Tea Party’s upcoming Tax Day Tea Party Rally on April 15th at Coolidge Park from 4PM – 8PM. While the Candidates themselves will not have a speaking part in the Event Program, we are providing them with the opportunity to set up a table or booth to meet with you and to answer additional questions that you might have. So I would encourage you to take advantage of this additional occasion to meet the Candidates up close and in a personal manner. In our opinion, these are excellent ways to get to know just who they are and what they believe.

Finally, thank you for your continued interest and participation in this vital aspect of our republican form of government. If We the People shun our duties in this regard, we truly have no basis to decry the corrupt and ineffective government that we most surely will deserve.

Respectfully and with the desire to Promote Liberty & Restore Values…

Mark West, President

Chattanooga Tea Party

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