Blue Dog Democrats Can Stop Obamacare

There are eight “Blue Dog Democrats” who sit on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. If these eight Democrats do not support the terrible House version of the health care bill, we may be able to stop it.

It is CRITICAL to contact them TODAY and make your voice heard.

John Barrow (GA-12) (202) 225-2823

Bart Gordon (TN-06) (202) 225-4231

Baron Hill (IN-09) (202) 225-5315

Jane Harman (CA-36) (202) 225-8220

Jim Matheson (UT-02) (202) 225-3011

Charlie Melancon (LA-03) (202) 225-4031

Mike Ross (AR-04) (202) 225-3772

Zack Space (OH-18) (202) 225-6265

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