Are you Taxed Enough Already… in Chattanooga???

Taxed Enough Already

Just as Obama got the Healthcare Bill passed over the will of the people, Ron Littlefield has pushed through a 19% property tax increase — he wanted 33%, a storm water fee increased of 300% for homeowners and 600% on businesses and churches, a 5% sewer tax increase, and raised over 100 permits and fees by 25-900%. And our Mayor did all this in tough economic times and in a year when your property valuation goes up. Then he is annexing county residents against their will at a time when the city does not have the funds to provide services or protection to them.

By his continued action, Mayor Littlefield has demonstrated that he no longer represents the interests of the citizens of Chattanooga. This is why he must be Recalled and replaced by someone who cares for the people he or she is elected to serve.

We have less than 3 weeks remaining in the recall. We have 6,500 signatures on our way to 9,200 valid signatures.

I am asking for your help.

First, would you download and sign the recall petition here:

Second, take the petition to your neighbors— be a Block Captain — do your block. This is easy!

Third, call your family and friends; some people are using their church list to get others to sign and do their block.

If you have any questions or will volunteer a few hours over the next two weeks you may:

  1. Call Charlie Wysong at 314-0183,

  2. Visit our website here:

  3. Or email us at

Thank you. Please join us TODAY!!

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