Activist Disguised as Journalist Sowing Division in the Community

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter Meghan Mangrum strikes again, conflating news with racism or a racial component. Since her tenure in Chattanooga, moving here from Central Florida, she has developed 30+ stories with a racial component, all intended to incite division in our community. As a voting Democrat and self-proclaimed activist on her social media, it’s apparent her primary focus is activism over objective journalism.

It may not be all Meghan’s fault and falls on the shoulders of the editors at the TFP. The Chattanooga Tea Party reviewed Meghan’s previous stories at her employer WUFT in Gainesville; they don’t have the consistent racism component, which leads you to believe some editor at the TFP is the hyper race baiter. Recent Story: WUFT Gainesville, FL:

She has expressed her alliance with radical special interest groups in Chattanooga who rally support under different names and rely on dark money to push their agendas.

The tea party is investigating these dark money groups in school board races, examining candidates funded by dark money and sources close to the organizations involved. More coming on this soon.

We wish Meghan well, leaving Chattanooga on her new endeavor at the Tennessean in Nashville; however, we don’t believe this is the last time we will see our activist “journalists” spreading division.

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