ACTION ALERT: Nashville Rally – March 5

The battle in Wisconsin is coming to Tennessee! That’s right, the same unions and organizations that are causing such anarchy and disruption for the students in Wisconsin have their eyes on our state and are scheduling a protest rally in Nashville on Saturday, March 5th.

The TN Teachers Education Association (TEA) will be marching from Bicentennial Mall to Legislative Plaza on March 5th from 11AM to 4PM. Here is their announcement:

Tea Party groups across Tennessee are mobilizing and will be holding our own counter-protest in order to spread the message of lower taxes, smaller government and fiscal responsibility.

For too long now unions have contributed to a sense of entitlement and unchecked spending, which has also served to propel our nation, state and local agencies to the brink of fiscal collapse. If you believe that it’s time to say “NO MORE” then set aside March 5th to travel to Nashville to support our legislators who are taking a courageous stand.

You can sign up to attend the rally at: Facebook TEA vs Tea Party

Here is the Press Release for the event: March 5 Rally Info

I trust that many of you will support this event. Also, please share this email with your friends and encourage them to attend as well. Thank you.

Promoting Liberty & Restoring Values,

Mark West President

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