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Hamilton County Commissioners need to STEP UP!

Some Commissioners have had tight relationships with developers for too long while placing the burden on the backs of Hamilton County Citizens. It’s time to shine light on these activities and push our elected officials to implement IMPACT FEES on the REAP and RUN developers to help citizens of Hamilton County.

Time to protect impacted communities like Ooltewah (Heritage Farms/Mountain View Rd/Hwy58), Soddy/Daisy, Sale Creek (McDonald Farm), Georgetown, Hixson, Lookout Valley and many more.

There are thousands of homes coming online with NO INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS TO ACCOMMODATE THEM, OVERCROWDED SCHOOLS, NO GREEN SPACE PLANS, NO PARKS and MORE while increasing urban sprawl as developers COLLECT THE CASH and MOVE ON leaving a WAKE of issues in the rear view mirror! This isn't about stopping development; development will continue because of the increased demand and the hot real estate market. The issue is about how best to accommodate this growth without socking property owners further.

It’s a Ponzi scheme! It’s TIME to make this a RE-ELECTION ISSUE! Attached is a RESOLUTION and FEE STRUCTURE to modify Hamilton County Private Act and implement IMPACT FEES throughout Hamilton County to generate TAX REVENUE that REMAINS in the IMPACTED AREAS, not the General Budget. Impact fees are used in states like Florida, which certainly hasn't suffered from lack of development. We ask citizens to please reach out with the Resolution/FEE Structure to EVERY County Commissioner via Email, Phone, Fax, In Person and OVER WEEKS until the Resolution and SUBSTANTIAL IMPACT FEES are passed! Download DRAFT Resolution (ABOVE) Download DRAFT FEE Structure (ABOVE) Some County Commissioners have expressed their attitudes as more aligned with DEVELOPERS than our CITIZENS, based on public comments like "BUILD BABY BUILD" in farm communities when confronted over development and urban sprawl. Two Commissioners are also Members of the Regional Planning Authority (RPA)! District 1 – Randy Fairbanks – Commissioner (Soddy & Daisy – Sale Creek ) – M: (423) 834-3702 O: (423) 209-7200 F:(423) 209-7201 District 2 – Chip Baker – Commissioner (Signal Mountain/Redbank) – M: (423) 886-1765 O: (423) 209-7200 F:(423) 209-7201 District 3 - Greg Martin - Commissioner / RPA ( Regional Planning ) – M: (423) 596-7338 O: (423) 209-7200 F:(423) 209-7201 District 4 - Warren Mackey - Commissioner / RPA ( Regional Planning ) ( Downtown / 58 Hwy) – M: (423) 400-7897 O: (423) 209-7200 F:(423) 209-7201 District 5 – Katherlyn Geter – Commissioner (Downtown/Highway 58) – M: (423) 760-5418 O:(423)-209-7200 F:(423) 209-7201 District 6 – David Sharpe – Commissioner (Lookout Valley) – M: (423) 240-9949 O:(423)-209-7200 F:(423) 209-7201 District 7 – Sabrena Smedley – Commissioner (East Brainerd) – M: (423) 595-2060 O:(423)-209-7200 F:(423) 209-7201 District 8 – Tim Boyd – Commissioner (East Ridge) – M: (423) 987-8072 O:(423)-209-7200 F:(423) 209-7201 District 9 - Chester Bankston - Commissioner (Ooltewah/Georgetown) – M: (423) 667-7280 O:(423) 209-7200 F:(423) 209-7201 These IMPACT FEES will generate REVENUE for the IMPACTED areas, PAID UP FRONT by developers based on the approval of the project plan. Example (Conservative not including rezoning): 800 homes @ 200K/per home x 2% IMPACT FEE PER HOME = $3.2MM in new tax revenue. NO MORE LIP SERVICE! SHARE WITH YOUR HOAs & COMMUNITY GROUPS! ELECTION season is right around the corner. It's time to see which Commissioners are on the SIDE of their CITIZENS and thoughtful development that includes infrastructure improvements NOW or on the side of DEVELOPERS with any necessary infrastructure improvements to accommodate growth pushed down the (two-lane, no shoulder) road! Let’s see some POSITIVE CHANGE!

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