A Note From Our Organizer

We are glad you are visiting our website to find out more about our April 15th Tax Day Tea Party Protest. The Silent Majority in Chattanooga is joining more than 400 other cities nationwide to protest our Federal Government’s willful, deliberate, and recklessly irresponsible fiscal behavior.

While we have endured completely unacceptable deficit spending for years, the dramatic increase of TRILLIONS of dollars in our national debt in just the last few months by our national leaders is driving our country towards the precipice of financial collapse. And barring a dramatic and immediate reversal of the current policies in Washington DC we will certainly see such a collapse.

So, if you agree that “Enough is Enough” and you are tired of sitting on the sidelines, then bring your family and friends to Ross’s Landing in Chattanooga and join tens of thousands of like-minded Americans across this country on April 15th — when the SILENT MAJORITY becomes the VOCAL MAJORITY!

(Visit http://www.taxdayteaparty.com to find out more about this family-friendly national movement.)

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