A New Era or Politics of the Past?

Chattanooga Tea Party members:

In case you’ve missed the media coverage over the last few days concerning the Recall efforts, I thought I’d provide you with a quick update.

This coming Tuesday (Sept 7) at 9:00am, the case that was filed by the Mayor against the Hamilton County Election Commission and the Petitioners to Recall the Mayor (Chattanooga Voters) will be heard in Circuit Court by Judge Hollingsworth at 625 Georgia Avenue. If you plan to attend I would encourage you to arrive early, dress appropriately and act professionally. I plan to be there and trust that many of you will attend to reflect your support for the Recall effort.

I will not attempt to address the details of the case or the likelihood of our prevailing. But suffice it to say that should the Mayor and his legal team succeed on the technicalities that they have cited, it will serve to crush and silence the voices of 10,000 Chattanooga voters who united to Recall the Mayor.

Chattanooga is on the threshold of a new era – one of renewed optimism, increased accountability and a heightened involvement by thousands of area citizens in their government. But will we in fact turn the page and embark on this new era or will we sink back to the politics of the past which seeks to govern in spite and against the will of the people? Let us hope and pray that we will be affirmed in our efforts to expect a new level of servant leadership in our government that acknowledges and respects the will of the people!

Finally, let’s keep Joe Manuel (attorney for the Petitioners), Judge Hollingsworth, the city of Chattanooga, and Mayor Littlefield in our prayers.


Mark West Chattanooga Tea Party

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