A Letter to the Editor

This letter was sent to the editor of the Chattanoogan by The Chattanooga Tea Party Secretary

by Jim West

Many liberal, media sources have recently complained about the volume of grass roots’ attendance at Town Hall meetings being held around the country by congressional leaders. The major criticism is that these crowds of protesters, who are showing up, are being organized by right-wing, extremist groups for the purpose of embarrassing our elected representatives. These critics cannot seem to fathom that Americans might wish to hold their leaders responsible. They would be happier if everyone who showed up would just praise Mr. Obama’s efforts to take over one-sixth of our economy and institute a government-run, public-option system of health care. But let’s look at what is really happening. There IS irrefutable proof that the administration’s supporters are indeed enlisting paid supporters for its programs. At (http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/npo/1299047025.html), there is a solicitation of workers to advocate the programs of the administration. This is nothing but the “pot calling the kettle black.” People are being paid to show up at Town Hall meetings, but it is not the administration’s antagonists who are doing so. What hypocrisy! No wonder the public has lost confidence in government. It is being run by a bunch of scheming, manipulating, political hacks, not in the least sincere in benefiting the country, but instead obsessed with increasing their control over the lives of ordinary Americans. It’s time to support such efforts as the 9/12 March on Washington on September 12, 2009. It’s time that reason prevail in our country, and this is an opportunity to join with others who are making a difference.

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